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Our event photographer

Much of the fantastic professional event photography on our website and social media pages are courtesy of the wonderful Carlo Cerutti.
If you're looking for a photographer for your event, find out more about Carlo below and see some more of his outstanding portfolio.
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Carlo Cerutti

I’m Carlo, a passionate photographer with a background in engineering and problem solving. 

My journey in photography started at 14 years old, developing camera films and printing black and white photos in my make-shift darkroom in my parents’ bathroom. At the time, my favourite thing to capture was people and nature.

Fast forward many years to 2010 when my youngest daughter was old enough to allow me some of my free time back, I bought my first professional camera and started studying and experimenting with different styles of portrait photography. I invested in a lot of gear including different flashes, backgrounds, reflectors, and even started renting and setting up my very own studio. I would invite colleagues and friends to get free photoshoots so I could get experience and nurture my passion. My journey as a 'somewhat serious' photographer had finally begun, although I’ve always liked to keep it fun and cheerful. 

It was great to start getting positive feedback on my shoots and having people tell me how they really enjoyed working with me. Word slowly began spreading about my work, and people started asking me to take photos of a variety of settings- from family events such as baby photoshoots, family portraits, Christenings and weddings, to professional events such as conferences, forums and corporate headshots. I even started getting involved in capturing more artistic settings, including concerts and food photography.

13 years on, I am grateful to have a plethora of experience capturing events and accomplishments for people to look back on for years to come. My favourite thing about photographing concerts is being able to immortalise the energy and ambiance in the room through the details, expressions and feelings that would otherwise only last a fleeting moment. I’m passionate about capturing the feeling a musician experiences when in their creative flow, and the pleasure the audience receives from being in its presence. To be able to capture and share these moments is a true honour for me.

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If you have a special occasion coming up that you would like to relive through photographs, please do get in touch via my email or WhatsApp - I would love to chat.

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07767 893342

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